Block of 5 Hours

Block of 5 Hours


Save 20% to 60% by purchasing a block of 5 prepaid hours at $60/hour with minimum fees for on-site and remote support service appointments halved.


Labor invoiced against your prepaid credits will be billed at a reduced rate of $60/hour and minimum fees halved to $30 (30 minutes) for on-site appointments and $15 (15 minutes) for remote support services. Prepaid credits do not expire and can be replenished with another purchase to maintain eligibility for reduced rates and minimums. Labor which exceeds the balance of your prepaid credit will be billed at the standard rate. Unused credits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Not applicable to products, expenses, and after-hours labor. Credits and associated discounts are only applicable to labor charges incurred after prepaid credits are purchased and as long as a credit balance exists.

Example Prepaid Postpaid Net Savings
30 minute on-site service $30 $75 60% off
45 minute on-site service $45 $75 40% off
1 hour on-site service $60 $75 20% off